Welcome to Cyber 247, a brand amplifier and proactive business generation service for cyber technology vendors looking to build a market within the UK and EMEA. We specialise in creating qualified pipeline for cyber technology vendors, and introducing and launching their new tech’ into reseller, SI, and MSP marketplaces.

With a wealth of experience, we help our partners find their footing in the UK and beyond, initiating their first traction, introducing them to the reseller community, finding, nurturing and closing their first end user opportunities. Our services include marketing and PR, as well as technical guidance for both pre and post sales support.

We lay the ground for our vendors own channel and direct sales teams to enter the UK and EMEA markets already running, working closely with them to ascertain their specific requirements and assist with their international expansion. We introduce our vendors to the right reseller partners, help and guide them to select the appropriate distribution partner(s). Cyber 247 also provides event management services for our vendors; finding the right events with the best audiences to showcase their technology.

Whether you’re a start-up or an established vendor, we have the expertise and experience to help you succeed in the UK and EMEA cybersecurity market. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your goals.


Customers now purchase goods and services in different ways. No single person decides to make a purchase.

Buying Decisions Are Made By Groups

These buyer groups “self-serve” by researching what products and services do for them thanks to the internet’s wealth of information. Before speaking with a seller, most buyers have already decided what technology they want to buy. Therefore, if content is being used to increase sales engagement, it must work harder.

Communities Influence Purchasing Decisions

Customers don’t act in a linear fashion. The marketing and sales teams are no longer able to. Even if you already have some of our service in-house, Market ActivationTM offers a managed, programme-based strategy with SLAs that hold us responsible for outcomes.


For vendors and distributors who use two-tiered sales structures. Leverage partnerships with clients and potential customers.

Two-Tier Channel Model

With the help of our fully managed demand creation programme, you can be sure that your brand is consistently being presented to clients and potential clients. Everything required to control lead development and conduct informed sales conversations with customers who have shown intent.

Cost Saving Channel Optimisation

For vendors or distributors looking to support one to many partners, Automated Channel Management extends all the great features of Market Activation. This cutting-edge programme oversees every element needed to motivate, educate, and optimise the performance of sales teams.

You've just discovered a new way to generate demand.

Smart & Effective Lead Generation

We combine all the elements necessary for effective lead generation, including buyer communities, data, content, and mar-tech. For friendlier sales conversations, simply sprinkle in some telemarketing, either yours or ours.

Combined Go To Market Proposition

We create a complete marketing lead generation and go-to-market proposal, as well as a full content delivery service that demonstrates a fully reportable infrastructure that the vendor can use to develop end-use business and channel relationships.